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David N Lesh
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"I defend and help people facing misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in the Portland metro area. 
Call me today at 503.546.2928 for immediate assistance with your criminal case."

Thirty plus years as an Oregon attorney
Former Multnomah County prosecutor
Former deputy city attorney assigned to the Portland Police Bureau
Author of the
Oregon Criminal Law Guide and the Oregon DUII Laws Guide

"Should you hire me to represent you, I will be your lawyer and point of contact.
I don't use-low level associates, paralegals, legal assistants, or case managers.
I personally respond to your phone calls and emails; I meet with you; I appear with you in court."


About Attorney Lesh

A skilled Oregon lawyer, David Lesh served for years as a successful and respected Oregon deputy district attorney (Oregon prosecutor) and then as the lead civil lawyer to the Portland Police Bureau and its officers. 

In addition to his law practice, David Lesh is a speaker and teacher on law enforcement issues.  He has instructed hundreds of public safety officers throughout the Pacific Northwest on issues related to the use of force, the use of deadly force, and other civil liability issues.  For the past several years, Mr. Lesh has served as the Chair of the Citizens Portland Police and Firefighters Retirement Committee.

His professional background includes: 

  •  Five years as a respected prosecutor in Oregon's busiest District Attorney's Office including work in the following units:

  •  Three years as the lead attorney to the largest municipal law enforcement agency in the state.

  •  Skilled trial lawyer.

  •  Prevailed in scores and scores of  criminal cases before Oregon juries.

  •  Experienced trial attorney in both state and federal court.

  •  More than 27 years as an Oregon attorney.

Unmatched professional experience coupled with superior trial and negotiation skill make David Lesh uniquely qualified to represent individuals facing Oregon criminal charges.  Mr. Lesh provides professional criminal defense for men and women facing Oregon criminal charges, including DUII, sex crimes, drug charges, theft offenses, prostitution charges, assault crimes, and the most serious Measure Eleven felonies. Call Mr. Lesh today at 503.546.2928 to schedule a no-cost initial consultation.   

Reviews of Attorney David Lesh

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David N Lesh

Oregon Criminal Defense


Question:  What should I look for when choosing among different State of Oregon criminal defense attorneys?


Answer:  It can be difficult to choose from the numerous lawyers in the State of Oregon when you have a pending legal problem but don't personally know a qualified Oregon attorney.  You'll want to feel comfortable with the attorney's personality and level of knowledge, experience, commitment, and professionalism.  Also, make sure you have a full understanding of the lawyer's fees before making your decision.   Be wary of attorneys who attempt to rush or pressure you into making your selection.  However, keep in mind that certain legal matters do require immediate attention, including many criminal law matters. 


Well, it has been a week now since the verdict and I wanted to follow up by giving you my highest compliment:  you are a badass!! 

Thanks again for EVERYTHING.

I appreciate it from the top, bottom, and every which way of my heart!  If you had not defended me, I honestly believe they would have had a field day with us .  .  . (bastards).
K.G. (client)


Question:  With so many Oregon attorneys out there, what makes David Lesh such a terrific choice in criminal defense and Oregon DUII defense?


Answer:  In a word, experience.  Other Oregon lawyers simply don't have Mr. Lesh's comprehensive background in criminal law, litigation, and trial practice.  As an Oregon attorney, Mr. Lesh has:


  •  Successfully tried hundreds of Oregon criminal matters (infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies);

  •  Prevailed in trials in State and Federal courts in Oregon;

  • Presented hundreds of criminal cases to Oregon grand juries;

  •  Served for five years as a successful Oregon prosecuting attorney;

  •  Worked for over a year inside a police precinct advising police officers;

  •  Successfully represented clients facing discipline from the Oregon Medical Board and the Oregon State Board of Nursing;

  •  Successfully prevailed in numerous criminal trials;

  •  Litigated the most serious Measure 11 felony crimes;

  • Advised and instructed hundreds of Oregon law enforcement officers on criminal and civil legal issues;

  •  Been consulted and interviewed by national and local broadcast (CNN) and print (USA Today, Lawyers Weekly USA) media as an experienced attorney on national and regional legal issues.


Question:  What type of fees does Mr. Lesh charge for his legal services?


Answer:  The legal fees charged by David Lesh vary with the work involved.  For Oregon DUI and other criminal cases, Mr. Lesh generally charges a flat fee.  This fee will depend on a number of factors including the severity of the underlying charge(s), whether a motion to suppress or other motions will be filed in the case, what jurisdiction the case is in, and whether a trial is anticipated in the case.  There may be additional fees for expert witnesses and private investigators.  However, Mr. Lesh only uses experts and / or investigators after first consulting with his client regarding the costs and benefits of retaining such individuals.  Additionally, Mr. Lesh accepts most major credit cards.


Question:  What parts of the State of Oregon does David Lesh serve?


Answer:  From his law office in Portland, Oregon, Mr. Lesh serves client's all over the state.  However, the bulk of his law practice is concentrated in the following counties and cities:  Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Clatsop County, Washington County, Columbia County, Hood River County, Tillamook County, Yamhill County; and Portland, Gresham, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Beaverton, West Linn, Wilsonville, Troutdale, Milwaukie, Astoria, and McMinnville.


  Call David Lesh today 503.546.2928  
Thank you for being such a nice and effective attorney. This was a very scary time for me and you made it almost painless. If I know of someone who needs your expertise in the future, I will highly recommend your name.
I send this email for representation given nearly five years ago.  I had just begun my college education at Lewis & Clark, and Mr. Lesh defended me against a cannabis distribution charge, very successfully . . .  [T]he moment that you helped out in my life was a critical point for me.  I can't say what future I would occupy if it weren't for your law office, but I am happy to live in the world we have now.  Thank you.
The world I have become used to is full of people obsessed with themselves. I have started a journey down a path that leads to a new way of life, and I have been inspired by your kindness. Thank you so much.

"David is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in the courtroom." 


W. Mitchell

5 stars

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